Warren Rosing Architects was set up at the end of 2008 to focus on high end residential, mixed use and quality commercial projects in and around London. We often work closely with well respected interior designers and other consultants to provide technical and architectural expertise on a range of luxury, often award winning, projects.


We have steadily built ourselves a reputation for our professionalism and high levels of service and for providing out the box, well-considered and creative solutions to complex planning problem solving solutions on difficult sites.


Warren Rosing, founding director, studied at the University of the Witwatersrand, graduating in 1995, and has been working as an architect in London most of his professional life. Having cut his teeth at Hamilton Associates, working on a large range of commercial and industrial building types, Warren spent half a year back in Johannesburg as Design Architect masterplanning and designing a number of large residential estates, private luxury houses and a themed business park.


Warren returned to London to work for Darling Associates in January 2004, successfully completing a popular mixed use scheme in the centre of Brighton and 50,000 sq ft of offices in Welwyn Garden City. As a director he lead a team to build a complex and well received affordable housing scheme in Pimlico as well as a variety of interesting mixed use, industrial, office and high density residential developments, both in London and throughout the South of England. On leaving Darling Associates at the end of 2008, Warren Rosing set up the company.


Warren was also part of the Kosi Architects team, winning the British Homes Awards Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods design competition, with the Sunny-Side Up House in September 2009 and being shortlisted for the Preston 'Gateway goes for Guild' competition in November 2009.